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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to further questions you may have. In case these do not answer your questions, feel free to contact us, using the form below. 

Who are the individuals behind "We"?

A multi-stakeholder group of individuals that want to accelerate an effective, safe and FAIR access to health data at scale. This initiative is aimed to include 'you' in 'we' as we see that the best way forward is by an open,collective and transparent approach.

Current list of champions include:

  • Bart Vannieuwenhuyse, Johnson and Johnson

  • Bram De Caluwe, AZ Klina

  • Daan Aeyels, VOKA

  • Frederic Coppens, VIB

  • Freija Descamps, Edence Health

  • Geert Byttebier, Medaman

  • Hans Constandt, BE Health Data Authority

  • Hilde Philips, Universiteit Antwerpen

  • Jan Vertriest, MSD

  • Kirsten Colpaert, UZ Gent

  • Liesbet Peeters, Uhasselt

  • Noella Pierlet, ZOL Genk

  • Peter De Jaeger, AZ Delta

  • Peter Raeymakers, Zorgnet Icuro

  • Tim Weltens, Wit-Gele Kruis

  • Wouter Van den Bosch, Imec

  • Yelliz Mattheus, Wit-Gele Kruis

Is a seat guaranteed  in these panels?

No, a seat is not guaranteed. We have a maximum of 10 seats available during each panel session to keep the discussions manageable. In case too many participants register for a given session, we will make a selection following the criteria described below this section.

How will you select the participants to each session?

In case ​more than 10 participants want to register for a given panel session, the current members of this initiative will collectively prioritise participants based on the following criteria:

  • equal distribution across provinces

  • equal representation across stakeholders

  • gender balance

  • your role within your organisation

You list this initiative as focusing on Belgium, but why are no sessions planned in Wallonia?

A rightful question with an honest answer: Looking at the founding members of this initiative above, you will see that our geographical distribution can be found in Flanders and Brussels. As we wanted to open up this initiative, we looked into hosting in locations that could be made available by current members. However, you are free to register regardless of this. One outcome of these panels may also be a continuation of this initiative including locations in Wallonia. Let's take this step by step. To our fellow stakeholders in Wallonia we say: You're more than welcome and should you not be able to join one of the sessions, reach out to us nevertheless. 

I cannot join any of the sessions, but would like to stay informed. 

Happy to hear you are interested in this initiative. Fill in the registration form in any case and make sure to click the option to stay in touch via email. We will update you on the progress and outcome of these panels.

I would like to join an online session, but I see no dates listed for these.

After the registration period (October 28), we will send a Doodle to all participants who have opted for an online session. Based on this Doodle we will find 2 dates that fit best.

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